OK... Hiroshima and Nagasaki have hit us...what HD DVD product will you buy next? (1 Viewer)

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Baby, It's Cold Outside
Dec 22, 2005
Front Range, Colorado
I actually returned my unopened movies to Walmart yesterday, and will send the 4 Harry Potters back to Amazon. I will keep my Universals.
I got the Blade Runner Ultimate briefcase, still unopened, trying to decide whether to return that or not. Maybe I could just buy the cheaper BR 5-disc version later to replace the discs in the case....I don't know. I don't have a damn BR player right now.

I know this doesn't answer your question, but I guess I'm returning these to save funds for a BR player, probably PS3. Wife won't let me buy one without doing this, she wants me to sell the A2 also. I nixed that, so far. There wil be movie bargains soon.

Jamey K

Recovering Voomer
Supporting Founder
Feb 16, 2005
West Texas
I think I need another player. Damn fine upcovert machine and I can keep it as a backup until 3D is ready.
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Press On Regardless
Supporting Founder
Sep 29, 2003
Sheboygan, WI
I still keep a laserdisc collection, but I don't have enough HD-DVD for critical mass. I will make this primarily an upconverter. I'm still waiting for my 5 free, but that will only bring me up to 13. I may buy a few more during the fire sales, knowing that they will eventually be replaced.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Oct 16, 2007
I will wait for the Fire sale and load up on movies (may buy an additional player if they drop below $50ish, just so I can have a back up if my add-on drive fails)



Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Sep 8, 2003
Lincoln Ne
I will buy 1 player and keep buying movies. All ready have 30+ titles why stop now since my player will continue to work. I think some people think the players will all of a sudden quite working. Time to watch ebay to see the panic in the people.



Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Lifetime Supporter
Sep 9, 2003
The problem with an HD DVD minicam would be ensuring that you will always be able to see those moves years later. At the least I would make backup copies in a DVD format. I have many friends that had problems with beta films. They eventually got them transferred to DVD.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Feb 6, 2006
Cochise County, Arizona
I just bought a refurb XA2 to add to my A35, and just put in a pre-order for "There Will be Blood" at Amazon. Also have The Kite Runner, Beowulf & Into the Wild on pre-order. Although I pretty much own all the existing releases I want, I might pick up a few more at bargain basement prices.


SatelliteGuys Family
Nov 28, 2006
I will wait for the Fire sale and load up on movies (may buy an additional player if they drop below $50ish, just so I can have a back up if my add-on drive fails)


I'm with you. I plan to do the same thing. I bought a PS3 last week and now have about 3 blu-ray movies, but I'm going to keep an eye out for prices to drop for 'Hot Fuzz', 'Pitch Black' and the 'Road Warrior' in HD DVD.


"Wannabe Retiree"
Lifetime Supporter
Feb 26, 2006
Central PA
Bought Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick at BB last evening, $32 for both. Not a spectacular deal, but there will be many more coming! I intend to continue with the format until the player tanks. Even then I might buy a used one somewhere. There won't be any new content released, but there are already 500+ titles out there. I expect HD DVDs will outlast me...!


SatelliteGuys Pro
Sep 14, 2007
Fishers, IN
Generally speaking, I'm not buying HD-DVD's (I've always preferred the "other side" anyway), but I'm still grabbing them if I see a great deal on a title I want - just this week I got The Bourne Ultimatum and Inside Man on a BOGO ($25 total), and The Matrix Trilogy for $45 (on sale at BB).


Hardly Normal
Supporting Founder
Apr 14, 2006
Normal, IL
I will keep buying titles. But only if it is something I want to own; not just trying to build a collection of movies I don't care for. :)

AND by this summer I want to be able to burn HD DVD to standard DVDs. Got the XBOX add-on today for $75.
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