Options for people who migrate to Florida

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May 25, 2005
My folks have an RV and are looking at getting Direc*. They're offering 4 "rooms" which I assume is 4 receivers. Can they just put the extra receiver in the camper and it will work in Florida?

I expect that locals won't work due to "spot beams" and this isn't a real problem...just wanted to know if the rest of the sub will work down there.
Have them get at least 1 HD receiver even if they don't have HD. Then they can use an antenna to get digital locals via their D* receiver. Most of FL should have digital OTA coverage.
dishstore has an extra single lnb dish for $22 in the bargin bin. I bought one for camping with my h20 receiver. get ota locals like mentioned above.
Thanks guys, I'll have them go ahead and do it.

I know about DNS and the RV waiver. Just not sure I want to tell them that the 4th "home" receiver is in a camper. I figure they'll want more $.
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