OTA HD Darker than Sat HD


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Feb 26, 2004
It seems on my TV that HD programs on my local digital stations are producing a much darker picture than the satellite HD channels.

Before my 811, I had a Samsung OTA only tuner, and the HD programs were dark then, too, so I just chalked it up to the way my set displayed HD resolution. (Since I had no other HD to compare it to)

Once I got my 811, I noticed that the OTA HD broadcasts were still dark, but the satellite channel HD (HDNET, etc) programs were not nearly as dark.

We even have a local digital station that broadcasts HDNET during the day, and it is much darker than the same HDNET programs over the satellite.

Has anyone else experieced this? It seems to be consistent across all the local HD broadcasts.
My only A/B comparison is with CBS-HD. They look the same in brightness to me.

After I started watching OTA digital, I noticed that a LOT of network programming is very dark, back lit, etc... and with strange colors ... I have a 32" Sony SD set next to my Samsung HD set... and sometimes I'd be surprised about how dark a network program was... so I'd switch on the SD set... and it would be dark there too...

Most programming on satellite HD channels is more brightly lit than network stuff, IMO...

Evidently, before owning a HD set, I did not use to be as critical... :)