OTA into a 5x8

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VinPro said:
Hey, you learn something new every day - I'll be sure to avoid that MS. :)

Well I have the Terk 5x8, but I couldn't find any info on the Terk website (big suprise if you've ever been there:rolleyes: ).

So I gave Wendy @ VE a call, I got my stuff from them to begin with, to see what and where I'd need to diplex.

She told me I'll only need to diplex on the STB's that I want both inputs on. So for me that's like 1 TV, maybe 2.

Heck I sure hope my PQ stays spot on!

This has turned out to be much easier then I thought


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Jul 13, 2004
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riggscm said:
Infact, since I had to put my antenna amplifer in the mix before my 5X8 I actually gained some signal strength.

Good to know.... my guess is it attenuates the signal better.... somehow... lol.
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