OTA issue with a TV 2 installation.


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Feb 8, 2010
I have a problem getting TV 1 and TV 2 to get both OTA and Sat at the same time. I have one receiver trying to provide two TV's OTA and Sat. I hope someone can give me some help here...

On the cable coming into the house, I have a diplexer that outputs to the Separator to the Reciever, and the other output to the "21-69" output on the receiver. With this hookup, TV 2 works fine, but TV 1 has no OTA. The OTA has a Pre-amp...

(By the way, make sure your two port passive diplexers can support the nominal voltage of the preamp, my preamp needed 14 and the diplexer only passed 12... :rant:)

To get the TV 1 to work, I took the first diplexer output into a splitter, Sat output to the Separator, VHF output to the TV RG-6 input. The Sat receiver output is via RCA jacks into my TV input. However, this kills my Sat on TV 2. I have tried a second diplexer at the original, but no luck.

Is there a way to get everything to work without a second receiver? The wireless option wasn't that great, by the way.

Can I split the output of the "21-69", running part to TV 2 and the other to TV 1 input?

Thanks for your help. If someone needs a diagram, I can try to upload one later.

I can upload a diagram, if you tell me how... Is there a special button somewhere that I can upload a scan?

I have one receiver, it has a uhf antenna for a second remote and has two inputs for satellite. It has a "21-69" channel output. It can provide two different Sat signals to two different TV's. I don't know the nomenclature, I am not home now, but if that is important, I can get that. I think it the most-recent lowest level receiver...

To summarize, I can't get both signals to both TV's with the one receiver. Will the OTA come through the separator into the Sat inputs, or do they have to come in separately? (either from the VHF from the diplexer or another splitter off this VHF from the diplexer?)

Let me know on the upload procedure.

I think your post count keeps you from uploading. A mod can verify.

Ok, if that is true, then perhaps I can simply by asking a few questions...

Can an OTA signal come through the separator? If not, where would I split/de-diplex that signal to get it to the TV?

Can the "21-69" output be split to provide OTA input to TV 1, before being diplexed to backfeed TV 2?

I have the Duo 322 receiver. One receiver providing Sat to two TV's. Haven't figured out getting OTA and Sat to both TV's without using an A/B switch at one of the TV's or using wireless, which quite frankly, sucks. I have a 5.8 G phone, and even the 2.4 G wireless has a lot of interference on the audio esp.

Thanks again, if you still need a wiring diagram, let me know of other options.

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