Out of market locals when locals already offered in your area

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stone phillips420

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Oct 20, 2004
im a subscriber of dtv locals have been in my area since day 1, i qualify for cbs and fox distants and was recently denied with nbc abc, i called today to resubmit these waivers and they told that i could not resubmit due to new shriva law i believe?
im also a customer of dishnet i qualify for fox abc nbc out of markets with them, i just reapplied my waiver for cbs 5 minutes prior to talking to dtv, if 1 company offers you something how can the other company not offer you the same

do these companies not follow the same set of rules?
why can i not re submit my waiver for dtv now but i still can with dish?


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Nov 13, 2004
DISH Network is notorious for ignoring distant-network legislation. E* has been involved with a dispute with CBS/Viacom for the better part of 2 years concerning illegal broadcast of CBS distant nets. In fact, that is precisely why the change in SHVIA was so long in coming, because of Echostar's abuse of the law. They will not be able to ignore the law much longer, though. Up till now they have simply paid the fines and continue to illegally offer these channels, but the change in SHVIA quadruples the fines a provider incurs for violating the law.

Under the new SHVIA laws, a DBS provider is not permitted to offer, or even request waivers for, DNS stations if you live in an area where the provider offers local-into-local service.


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Nov 7, 2003
I tried to do the same thing last week since I was approved back in August for ABC and CBS but was turned down for NBC and FOX. All I wanted was the HD Distant nets.

I was told the new law was I could not ask the stations myself and Directv could not submit waivers for me. I'm waiting to see what the new digital white area looks like for me before I do anything else.

Hopefully when Directv gets these new satellites up I won't have to worry about it. LIL HD channels are going to be nice!!

Directv is following the new law. Sounds like DISH is skirting it again.
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