Out of Windstream/Dish 2 year agreement now-incentives to stay?


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Are there any incentives to stay with Windstream/Dish if you are outside of your 2 year agreement? I have a Roku/Netflix/HuluPlus combo now, and other than some Disney stuff, don't see the need to have 80+ go out every month when 15 covers all the streaming stuff.

Related question-do I 'own' the box now, since im outside of the agreement?


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Mar 23, 2009
My parents used to be bundled through windstream. their support was (and still is) HORRIBLE. The monthly savings passed on by windstream?....$2/month. Parents now have phone/dsl from windstream and a sub straight to Dish.


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Jan 4, 2007
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On the ownership question: most Dish set top boxes are leased. I have never heard of a least-to-own program, though there most definitely is a buy-it-outright program, mostly through 3rd party retailers. So... When in doubt call up Dish and ask. I'll bet it's leased. Another annoying fact of Dish life is that those of us who do own our own receivers still pay the exact same monthly fees that other Dish subs pay.

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