Outdoor Channel HD coming to Dish?

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Sep 7, 2003
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Here in Dallas I was looking at this article in todays Dalls News.


And in it it talks about HDTV, and I came across this paragraph which peeked my interest.
More channels are on the way, including HD versions of TNT and the Outdoor Channel. Broadcast networks, meanwhile, are offering more content in HD, and cable and satellite providers are beginning to include those programs in their services.
This is the first time I have heard of Oudoor Channel HD. Unfortunately all the programing folks from Dish left yesterday so I can't ask about this one.

Anyone else hear about this one?
I have heard of it, but I don't think they were referring to it coming to DirecTV or Dish officially. I think they meant the channel is just coming for providers to add in the near future. I would rather have Bravo HD+ or a LOT better yet, the 2 InHD channels before Outdoor Channel HD. I know that everybody has different taste though, so here's hoping Dish adds this one.
Outdoor Channel HD on the Prowl

Andy Dale, president of The Outdoor Channel, and Amy Hendrickson, his VP of affiliate sales and marketing, are hitting the National Show (booth No. 3623) this week with confirmed details about The Outdoor Channel HD, a 24/7 hi-def service aiming to launch July 2005. As he said earlier this year (Jan. 19 issue) of his 1080i HD launch plans, TOC has purchased Sony HDcams and studio recorders and is "aggressively producing" its own content in HD. It also is acquiring hi-def programming in the hunting, fishing, rodeo, shooting and motor sports (and related) genres.
Marquee brands such as TNT jumping into the hi-def pool this year will certainly help make HD content a must-have, not just a must-see. Because of the expense, the difficulty of getting it hooked up and the limited availability of product, a lot of people havent been willing to spend the money, comments Andy Heller, president of domestic distribution for TBS Inc. But were seeing that change, and I believe that this will be the year that hi-def truly takes hold as a consumer proposition as opposed to a consumer electronics proposition.

As will be in evidence at NATPEs annual confab taking place this week, a slew of other new entrants into hi-def programming are on the horizon. The Outdoor Channel, for one, is hitting the show to troll for HD titles to shore up its 24/7 HD network launching early next year, a move (along with Outdoor Life Networks foray into HD this summer) that should help lure the millions of outdoors buffs to hi-def.

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