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May 27, 2008
I only use dish network for the PANORAMA ITALIANO channels and have a couple of questions. And I'm using a basic receiver hookup up to my plasma tv.

  1. I've had some work done to my dish lately and both technicians that came out separate times told me that if I upgrade my receiver I would get a better picture. Is this true if I only subscribe to the Panorama Italiano and nothing else?
  2. Does Dish Network Have HD programing for the Italian channels?
  3. Does Dish Network ever plan on adding the italian sky channels to their line up?
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Apr 9, 2006
1. Not necessarily, at least not that one could really appreciate. However, it may have to do with your set-up and STB: Some boxes only have one set of video outputs and one RF output. So, if one of the video outputs is not going to the TV, that will mean that you are viewing channels on your TV via RF, and this is inferior to video output. Other model STB's have an additional set of video outputs so that both a recording device, (VCR?) and your TV can have the seperate and superior video outputs feeding them. This would be the only circumstance I can imagine that a different box would provide you with a better picture on your TV. In addition, the picture quality of the Legacy STB RF outputs is poor (noise). However, the subsequent generation DishPro STB RF outputs do provide a good quality RF picture.

2.At this time, Dish does not offer any internationals in HD. However, Dish does listen to its customers and they may consider offering some in HD. However, it will cost both the provider and Dish more money and resources to do so, but I can certainly imagine some of the Spanish language ones being offered some time in the future, and more of a long-shot for the other foreign language channels. Don't hold your breath for foreigns in HD.


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Sep 7, 2003
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
I pretty much agree with DishSubLA.

1) No. Probably not. At least not to the degree you may want. The international channels are VERY compressed no matter what receiver decodes them.

2) No and would not expext any "soon". Calling Dish wouldn't hurt, but still there is just no room at the inn for HD internationals right now.

3) It's anyone's guess. I am not familiar with the Sky channel or any copyright issues they may have with US distribution.

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May 25, 2008
Piatto comprime eccessivamente la maggior parte dei suoi canali, non solo canali internazionali. Piatto ha un obiettivo di fare MPEG4 'standard' per il trasporto di tutti i canali. Attualmente, Dish utilizza MPEG2, utilizzando la larghezza di banda di gran lunga più di MPEG4. È possibile riscontrare un miglioramento nella qualità delle immagini quando questi canali vengono spostati da MPEG2 a MPEG4, come più larghezza di banda potrebbe essere commesso, ma questo è qualcosa di notevole, lungo la strada. Nel frattempo, potreste voler indagare DirecTV l'offerta di servizi e la qualità delle immagini.



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Aug 5, 2005
The only SKY programming from Italy I am aware of is on DirecTV - SKY/TG24. (I think that might be mentioned in the above Italian-language post, but I wanted to add it in English.)
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