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Aug 12, 2008
East Texas
As many are, I am staying home during the COVID mess. I am getting worn out trying to find something on that's keeping my interest. I wish Dish offered PBS on demand as one of their networks on demand. PBS would perhaps have a library of documentaries that I could find interesting. Guess I'm just getting cabin fever.

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Dec 29, 2006
New Jersey
Sadly, many networks including PBS, require a paid subscription and a streaming app, in addition to you paying Dish for broadcast feed.
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Dec 25, 2005
Central NH
If you have a Roku, Amazon FireStick or Apple TV then you have PBS onDemand through the PBS app. No subscription is required and the App will configure itself to your local PBS station to show even the locally produced shows.


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Apr 9, 2006
billowens, I do understand your desire, but consider the fact that accessing on Demand or accessing Apps on a Dish DVR or a TiVo DVR is really a horrible experience compared to any decent connected device like a Roku or FireTV. It is so sad that even with Dish (and others such as TiVo) offering Apps accessing Netflix and Amazon Prime, I just no longer bother or care and much, much prefer a good connected device.

However, I do have family older folks (Oh, I do understand their challanges) who just find it easier to access the Apps on the H3, and the additions of Amazon Prime is GREAT news for them becasue they have forgotten how to access their Roku's to access Amazon Prime.

Yes, there is a population out there that really depends upon the Apps on Dish DVR's. I just wish those Apps on the H3 would work as well as on connected divices--but I am aware that Dish is at the mercy of Netflix or Amazon, et al. as far as the implementation of their Apps.


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Jul 20, 2006
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If you donate to your local public tv station, you’ll have access to all PBS content, it’s called PBS Passport. You can stream some content without donation, but all if you make a small one, I think $25 at least it is with APTV (Alabama Public TV).
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Jul 20, 2005
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I am in the WETA area. I wonder if I could donate to and get PBS Passport from WMPT?

I believe I’ve seen at least a couple documentary channels on Roku. I think one was named such.


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Jan 4, 2007
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I am in the WETA area. I wonder if I could donate to and get PBS Passport from WMPT?
Very good idea; let me know how that goes. Perhaps we can donate to WMPT directly and be done with it.

Wait a minute! I can get 22 (Annapolis) via my super deluxe rooftop antenna. So I guess I don't really need to sub. But it's good to donate to PBS anyhow.

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