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Feb 25, 2015
new york
Is the PBS Satellite Service still going or what really is it meant to be? What does it show and does it have a separate schedule to the normal PBS? I cant see very much about it on the internet at all.
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Apr 19, 2007
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I hope you not in the same situation as me. As i have a LOS on the main satellite. So I have been trying to get LPB out of Baton Rouge for a few days now.

Most PBS channels are on 125W. I get them fine with a 90cm dish on a HH-90 motor. I also get the LPB networks on 87w (SES 2) with the same dish and motor. I think you are trying to get 87w with a 76cm dish. It is too small to get the 8PSK signals that LPB is broadcasting. Right now my signal is only about 25 percent on the LPB channels on 87 but about 75 percent on the mta mux.

When you find a satellite mark your post and elevation with a pencil line. That way you can always find that sat again.

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