Peace on Earth: My plan for interplanetary peace!

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bert gordon

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Sep 10, 2003
:D I propose that all earthlings thru the ospices of the UN and the Vatican voluntarily sign up for a matchmaking service that will rid the world of racism and hatred.

Here's the plan: Match two peoples of different race together ie one European (or person of European descent) with someone of Asian (or Asian descent) or African (or African descent) until the world is one race.

Anotherwords .... no more whites, blacks and yellows .... just one uniform color.

And to make things easier I would propose one language, Latin and one faith, Catholicism.

And the in centive to bring people of different races together will be tax breaks.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Let's hope my plan comes true oneday soon!!

Bert Gordon
Sounds like an attempt at intra-planetary peace since no extraterrestrials are involved :D

For me marrying someone from a different culture speaking a foreign language would be a problem. Besides the fact that as a Christian I would only consider women who are also Christian there is another problem... I am already happily married with three children. No tax breaks for me. :(
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