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Apr 22, 2008
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I was just wondering if every Dish customer pays for all channels even if they don't subscribe to the corresponding package? In other words, do I pay the NFL Redzone or Science fees if I don't subscribe to those packages?


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Sep 8, 2003
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No, with a caveat. It's easier to use Direct TV as an example. Direct carries virtually all sports programming. Their overall prices for subscribers are somewhat higher than Dish, with fewer HD channels. (As I always have to say there can be exceptions to the cost mostly if someone has several receivers) I believe the reason each subscriber pays more and has less HD channels is because they are paying a cost for all the sports, even if they do not or even can not subscribe to some of it. There has been much speculation that Direct does not get back in fees what it costs them for the NFL package. (4 Billion over five years) If true, some of that cost may well be passed on to all subscribers. Ditto for having all RSNs including all the NY RSN's. They don't charge more if you live in NY to get those expensive RSN's, so I think it is probable (more than possible) some of that cost is passed along.

Dish may do similar with some programming. Who knows.

(Note I list a "cost" as less HD channels. I could also say Dish subscribers have a "cost" of less sports in HD to have more channels in HD)

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