Periodic Pixelation (every minute and 55 seconds)



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Jul 7, 2017
Puget Sound
I started getting pixelation about every 2 minutes. I happens in the morning and late afternoon but mostly goes away during the day and in the evening. It is brief - couple of seconds and mostly the moving people on the news casts - and then all is good - for 1 min and 55 seconds. It happens primarily on the local NBC station and it's affiliate here in the Seattle area but shows up occasionally on the other locals and even some none locals.
A Dish tech came out and replaced the H3, hub and LNB. Signal strength is 70. He hooked up his phone and ran the app and said all is good.
Next morning the pixelation was the same. I unplugged the network cable and phone from the H3 to no avail. Nothing signal generating in the house (like a ham radio or such). The dish mount is very sturdy.
I live on a river bottom 75 feet down from the rural farmland around me which cuts off all TV (thus the need for cable or satellite) and some radio signals from the Seattle area to the north. There is 50 homes in a development here on the river bottom but I am on the south boundary of them and no other homes to the south for a mile or so, the power lines are north of my home and phone is underground. The H3/Joeys installation tech and the recent service tech both said my trees are not a problem.
Anyone know what is going on?


Jun 22, 2017
The OTA terrestrial channel signal can be affected by the mirage effect. This is most noticeable around the time of sunrise or sunset depending on the locations of the OTA TV stations and the OTA receivers. If you get your local channels through Dish satellites, most likely this is a problem on the side of Dish and should affect many customers in your area. If you get your locals through the OTA receiver then you may try to fine-tune your OTA antenna or get a better one. Dish technicians won't help in either case.

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