Philo Tv debuts 37 channel streaming package for $16 a month

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  1. Philo - Your favorite shows have a new home

    A new "Sportless" streaming package. Attractive price and a pretty good selection of channels. If they had included Hallmark and UPtv I would be a customer, but its still a good option for many.
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  3. The base package for $16 has about 15 channels not currently offered by PS Vue. This could be a good supplement for PS Vue customers missing Viacom channels, A&E, History, Lifetime, etc. Philo's DVR concept is even similar to PS Vue's.
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  4. If they had Hallmark Channels, Id probably get that package.
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  5. Not a bad deal. It will have its niche. More of a Sling competitor than anything else
  6. It needs TCM if they really want to be better accepted.
  7. Someone in another group I am on, on Facebook brought up the good point that they were on a very limited income and while it does lack a few key channels, for that person, and I agree, it is a very attractive package and price.
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  8. Guess I am missing something. I'm not seeing it on a search to add it to Roku
  9. Type in Philo. Should be there. You’ll get 48 hours free trial.
  10. Like that it has the discovery channels, love the Science Channel, only channel missing for me is USA Network.
  11. Roku

    It's right there...
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  12. Thanks I was looking last night from the roku and it wasn’t coming up in the search. Thought my mom might like this to supplement her OTA only TiVo.
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