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Dec 17, 2005
Athens ga
I have Visio 37 “hd TV. I have it hooked up to a 722k on TV 2 and the screen flickers. We have replaced the receiver and it still did it. I know tv2 is not HD but it should still not flicker. It make go 20 mins and not have a problem the flicker then go 5 min and flicker. Any idea what might cause this? I have tried a different TV and it did not flicker but it was an sdtv. I even took the Visio back and got a different model Visio and it still flickered. :confused:
i have tv 1 hooked up with hdmi and no problem with it it is tv 2 that is doing this i think ithas some to do with visio i did it on both recievers i have try a different brand tv and it did not doi it

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