picture and sound don't match?


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Apr 18, 2004
I have a 811 dish network receiver. The pictures on the hd and standard channels look good, but the voices do not match up? Is it a receiver problem or is my audio system at falt? I have a Bose lifestyle 35 home theater system. The difference is about a second or less.
picture and sound don't match

When I use the TV speakers it's much better! Almost right on!
Does that mean the receiver is off? It's right on when I use my DVD player and old satellite receiver! :confused:
picture and sound................

I'll try it.
Could it have something to do with the fact I bought it (811) on ebay from a town 175 miles away. I am still using his card set up! :confused:
is it off on all channels or just one? if it's just one what is channel and what is it showing?
No it's off on all channels. the over the air channels are the worst.
I have the sound connected to my Bose system, via a Optical connector and the green, blue red connectors to the TV. ON my DVD player, I have the sound coaxeled to the audio system and the green, blue red connectors to the TV. The same setup!
ok, reboot has helped me at times with my receivers. i don't have a 811 so i don't know if it has a problem with the digital out or not. you might search some of the 811 bug threads. one other thing. does your bose rec have any type of delay setup for audio? i know some of the newer audio receivers have this.

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