Picture distortion/pixelization on 622


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Jul 10, 2009
Lately I have been seeing a lot of distortion/pixelization on my 622. I especially see it when I am watching something I have recorded. the problem will usually be for only a second or so and then everything is back to normal. I also see it when watching something live, but not nearly as often. My initial thought is that the receiver may be ready to die. Thoughts?
your prob right, i just replaced 2 622 in the past week due to over heating and pixelization, signal and dish are all peaked in lines and connections fine but the signal was reading really low both 622 , put a new 722k in signals came back to normal and issue was resolved, i would try to get dish to send you a new box if you dont want a tech to come out, i would toubleshoot with them over the phone to make sure your signals on the dish are normal first could be the dish is a bit out of alignment, but id say it is prob the 622
Based on my experience it is most likely either a bad tuner #2 or a bad coax connector. My 622 was doing exactly the same thing and Dish diagnosed it as a bad tuner #2. A few months after the 622 was replaced and all was doing well until I lost all signal. A repairman came out and discovered one of the coax connectors was corroded - it looked like it had shorted out. That was corrected and all has been well for over a year. The bad coax connection made me wonder if my previous pixelation might have been caused by that.
I'd have to bet on a hard drive starting to fail. Remember live isn't really live it still runs through the hard drive first that is where you get the buffer for special effects like pause/ back etc.

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