Playback errors on 942 while watching recorded OTA programs



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Dec 3, 2003
Carson Valley, Nevada
On almost all my OTA recordings from my local CBS affiliate, my 942 will exit the playback and go back to the DVR menu as if it was finished. The signal strength is 100 for this channel. I cannot say for sure that it is only this channel since 95% of my OTA recordings are from CBS. From what I can tell, there is a video error or momentary loss of signal.

I can, however, jump around this bad portion of the recording (usually a couple seconds) by fast forwarding over it. This is getting old though.

Is there a planned fix for this behavior? I'd rather see black or some pixelation during this botched area rather than having to fight the box to get around it. Sometimes this can be a challenge.


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Sep 30, 2003
SF Bay Area, CA
On our 942, we had an issue with "there is a problem with this recording" on a couple of DVR recordings. Force rebooting (press and hold power button) fixed the problem and the recordings played back even though there was no info (just an error message) on the info screen for the event. This happened on a couple of recordings last month, but hasn't happened since.

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