Playback Issues With Hopper/Sling

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    I am sometimes have a problem with some playback issues while watching recorded programs. During playback, the program freezes and then starts - almost as if the signal is bad but there is no pixilation. This happens for all programs, but not all the time. It seems to happen when I begin watching a program that is still recording. This is how I view my sports events-starting them an hour after they begin. I have 3 Joeys and they all have the same issue when this happens-no matter what. My wife is watching live TV upstairs and it will freeze also. A system restart will fix the issue, but I lose part of the recording after restart. It is not a reception problem, since the recordings play fine after a restart. The problem is becoming more frequent (once a day).

    Another issue I have had is not being able to start a recording before it is finished. It is in the DVR menu, but will not load (blue dashes trying to find it). I have never been able to run diagnostics to the end as it will never finish. I was once on the phone with tech support while we waited 30 minutes for it to work. I was told the receiver couldn't be replaced because there was no error code even though the test never completed.

    I am sensing this might be a bad receiver, but I get no satisfaction from CS, because I don't have an error message.

    Thanks for any insight.

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