Please DISH get METV back!

$7.99 a month for service with DVR.

But why pay when I already have the best DVR there is, the Hopper 3.... if they would add the channel or just add guide data for the OTA channels it would be great. I shouldn't have to use another service for something I already get. :D
Since DISH and SLING TV are both owned by Dishnetwork and now Echostar why can't DISH use the same guide information as the Air Tv does? I get complete guide information for all my ota channels using the Air Tv Anywhere 4 tuner ota device and I can use Sling tv with it all in one guide. It's like one side of the company isn't talking to the other side. I also have 4 tuner TABLO ota dvr and it gets complete guide information as well.
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So I just happened to see this article today re: 3 Beverly Hillbillies specials airing tomorrow (Saturday) on Catchy Comedy, as part of a Beverly Hillbillies marathon:

Catchy Comedy’s weekend marathon sees The Beverly Hillbillies on the weekend of May 4-5. The event kicks off Saturday, May 4 at 11 a.m. ET, and runs through the morning of Monday, May 6. The weekend binge features 76 episodes, along with three specials related to the series. The specials kick off the event. They are the 2005 documentary Paul Henning and the Hillbillies, about the creator; 1981 reunion special The Return of the Beverly Hillbillies and the original unaired pilot entitled The Clampetts Strike Oil. The latter features a special introduction from cast member Linda Kaye Henning.

As I already mentioned, the only Weigel network we get here OTA is MeTV, & no cable or sat provider available here carries Catchy Comedy directly. The nearest market that carries it is either St.Louis or Chicago; while I do have a friend that lives in Chicago with 3 RCN Tivo's that carries it, he is out of the country on a vacay...otherwise I would have asked him to just record them up there & I would watch them the next time I visit.
So since I really wanted to see these specials, I went ahead & signed up for a 7-day free trial of FrndlyTV. First thing I did was setup recordings for these 3 shows, as I was concerned that those shows might NOT actually air on Frndly, as I have seen other viewers complain about some programming substitutions on MeTV via Frndly; the 3 specials did show up in the Frndly EPG, so I'm assuming they will record tomorrow.

Now with this being the first time I've tried a streaming cable TV/DVR service, I set a couple shows to record earlier, so that I could see how they playback & how easy it is to skip commericals, like on a physical DVR. Well I knew it wouldn't be as easy as just pressing a dedicated skip button, but it's actually WORSE than I thought it would - I can't believe that there are lots of people that rave about these virtual DVR's being SO easy & "user friendly" as a physical DVR - YUCK!
:eek: (FWIW, I'm using a Roku to stream, but I don't think it really matters the streaming device)

So I will acquiesce to Scott from that standpoint that these streaming services/DVR's are nothing like (any) physical DVR - again in my case, it was the ONLY way I could see these shows that I could not find anywhere else, & will probably not be shown again for a long time. I will be canceling Frndly before the free trail is up, as I simply could not stand regularly using their "DVR service"
But I still stand by my previous statements of simply buying an OTA physical DVR, connect it to his antenna & calling it a day.
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So I just happened to see this article today re: 3 Beverly Hillbillies specials airing tomorrow (Saturday) on Catchy Comedy, as part of a Beverly Hillbillies marathon:
Just to say, Beverly Hillbillies are on Pluto TV, both live and On-Demand, has been upgraded to 720P, never looked better.
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When there was a dispute a few years back, Dish installed an OTA antenna and gave me a dual tunner. The installer pointed the antenna to get the 4 major networks. The METV signal is not strong enough to be picked up by the Hopper3. Even when Dish carried the national metv , they could not put it up in areas that had a local metv station. So I have never been able to get metv.
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My Receiver has built in OTA and it works well though not being a Hopper it is one OTA channel at a time, and we get something like 88+ OTA channels here. But of course many/most have no guide data anyway on DISH.

So long ago I got a lifetime Tivo and watch most all locals from there. It also solved one of my long time pet peeves, Oxygen TV in SD on Dish. They have an OTA station here with a great picture, and though some of the programming varies a little from the Satellite version, new episodes like Cold Justice and others however are on just like Satellite.
Catchy, METV, ACE TV and so many other channels with guide data are available, I would buy another TIVO if this one were to stop functioning and not easy to fix.
ME-TV Toons is on channel 35 in Cleveland area. What in the heck is channel 35?!

I get Hartford not getting it, but I don't get New Haven. A couple stone throws away.
It depends on how the DMAs are drawn. Hartford CT and Springfield MA are 25 miles apart snd they are separate DMAs.
Got a message from MeTV and MeTV Toons will be on in Hartford on June 20th on the .8 sub channel.

I can’t remember a channel I have been more excited for.

For those wondering here is what my guide looks like for those channels.


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