Please help - what do I need for HD?


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Sep 13, 2003
I've been operating with the same Dish setup for 5 years running. I have a Model 5000 receiver, the original 18 in dish (not a 500) mounted on the chimney, AT100 plus superstations. I'm pointed toward the 119 slot and have no troupble with Dish reception. Earlier this year I purchased a Sony GWII HDTV and Samsung OTA receiver. I really don't need locals as my OTA HD receiver pulls everything in fine (I live in the Houston area with no antenna reception problems - analog or digital)) I'm not into getting the 921 but I am interested in the 811 and HD via Dish.

Do I just need to get the 811 or will I need to upgrade to either the 500 dish or go superdish? If I need a new dish, I'd just as soon get the superdish for longevity, but if I don't have to at this time, that's fine too. With the 811, can I get rid of the Samsung receiver?

Any comments welcome.
Thanks in advance!
You'll definately need either a Dish500, or another 18" dish pointed at 110°, since most of the HD is now there. FOR THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE, if you want HBO or SHO HD, you'll need a dish pointed at 61.5 or 148 (depending on which part of the country you're in).

If you don't have the HBO or Showtime packages (and it sounds like you don't), then don't worry about the 61.5/148 dish.

Right now, you can't get a SuperDish if your DMA's locals aren't on 105°. For the foreseeable future, SuperDish is only going to be used for local channels and International.

Yes - the 811 will act as your HDTV set-top box, and will integrate your local OTA channels into the Dish electronic program guide.

I think it's best is you simply swap your dish out for a Dish500. Dish still offers an upgrade plan for this: You agree to a minimum of AT50 for 1 year (you already get AT100, so you're covered there), enroll in Credit Card Autopay OR pay a $24.95 fee, and you get a free upgrade to Dish500 for either one or two receivers.

Use of old D* dish and LNB's?

Damnit - 811 delayed until tomorrow?????

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