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Dec 4, 2003
I have a friend that has a problem with very bad picture quality with his Dish system. He has a older 2700 and a 508 and the picture looks bad on both units. I mean they look somewhat ok but they should be alot better. The best way to describe it is that there is almost a blurry look to the picture that comes and goes or like a really slight smear to faces when they move. I really noticed it got worst in a commercial when a guy threw a ball and the ball sort of looked like a ball of yarn as it got all strange looking then looked ok but still blurry when it stopped. I have checked his ground which is good. And also replaced all cables from the dish to the reciever. His signals are above 100 on 119 and 110. He is using the s-video input into his tv. I do see it worst on the Locals but still not great on the others. The only thing that I thought it could be as it is the only thing left that has not been replace is a bad dual LNB but the signals stay strong so that could not be it? right? HELP..


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Nov 25, 2003
Nederland , Texas
Have you tried changing the tv video controls. The contrast should be very turned down along with the sharpness. The brightness should be turned down to about a a half. Satellite tv requires a lot of tweaking to get a good clear picture. Also the older receivers before the 500 series don't put out as sharp as a picture as the newer ones.