Prime time anytime issues.


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Oct 13, 2017
Hamilton, alabama
I have been having problems with primetime anytime recording. This started the first of September and it's still not fixed. But I have a whole host of problems. I can't record the standard definition network channels either. I even tried turning off Ptat and manually recording still won't work. I was told by one rep on the phone I was on the wrong satelliteside and a tech would need to come out to reprogram. I live in Alabama and she said I needed to be on sat # 61 or something. We set the apt up and he never showed, called back to reschedule and that rep said tech was not needed, that if the sat diag shows no errors there should not be a problem. He then said it's an issue they know about and they are working on it, but he would sent a ticket to the engineers so they knew we were having a problem. Said it will take 24/48 hours. That was 2 weeks ago. Funny thing is I can watch platform in SD and HD if I was home to watch, but I and my family have missed 3 weeks of new seasons of shows and I called before that to give them time to fix before the new seasons started.

This beginning to become a joke because everytime I call it get I'm sorry for your frustration, but yet the issue is no being fixed.

And to top that off I just went to the billing section of my bill because she was supposed to do a credit. My bill is normally 147.00/month. She gave me a credit of 42.00 which means my bill should be 105.00 but when I just checked it shows the 42.00 credithe, but balance due says 125.00 what did they do raise my bill during all this too. If so dish has lost a loyal long time customer. As fast as I can get someone else in here dish will be gone. This is outrageous.

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