Primestar Dish Dimensions


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Sep 8, 2003
Does anyone know the dimensions of the old Primestar Dishes reflector?
I think it was about 3 feet wide but was looking for a more exact measurement. eg Length and Width.
About 24" x 36". I use a DirecPC white dish its.....23" x 39" For FTA satellite! Check out this new channel if you have not seen it.... Its on AMC4 satellite Free...24/7 Some great old movies and shows!
Primestar used 3 different sizes depending where you were in the US. They came in .70 M, .75M, and .84M across. These stand for centimeters of width.
red hazard said:
Try meter. A centimeter is about 2.54 inches. A meter is about 39.37 inches.

Wrong. I "hazard" to disagree. A centimeter contains 10 millimeters and is about one half of an inch. A meter contains 100 centimeters. Please note the dimensions I gave are for parts of a meter. Thus the decimal. Example: Primestar dish #1 from above : .70M is 70 centimeters or 7 tenths of a meter or 700 millimeters.
Ok, You are both incorrectly trying to state the info.
Red hazzard: its the other way, an inch is 2.54 centimeters.
Indy: .70M(eters) so when written with 'M' they mean METERS
70c would mean centimeters.
It seems there were three Primestar dishes now. I hope that info is correct?
Were these dishes all oval or were some of them round?
I have been going to tag sales looking for some on the weekends. If I was to measure with a measuring tape how big would they be.
I ca convert the units of measurments at google but just need to know the sizes right now.
I have noticed that the older dishes were round, the newer ones were oval. The size of the dishes kept getting smaller. The first one which was round was the biggest, then the oval one come out, then a smaller oval one, all in the same area.
I don't know how many sizes they used but I know it was more then three, I have a 1.0 x .7 meter channel master oval primestar that measures about 41" wide by 31" tall
and it works great for KU FTA. I also know that the LNB's are not all the same, I have one that is voltage switched for polarity but I here not all are. I also have some Direct PC LNB's that are voltage switched and they work better on my primestar then the original LNB.
I thought I had one of those voltage switched lnbf's at my house that I had gotten but I cannot seem to find it now. It would be nice to have to receive the rest of the FTA stations or the other locals off of 105 from the PrimeStar dish.
The primestar LNB's that were not voltage switched for polarity had two feeds coming out of the LNB, one for vertical and one for horizontal. They can still be used for FTA if you're only interested in one polarity, or you could hook up a 22kHz or a diseqc switch, or you could use a 3x4 or other multiswitch. The primestar dish I found in a dumpster is about 39x29. That Chuck Harder transponder is... interesting. I really like his commercials where you can see his huge satellite uplink antenna in his backyard in Florida since he transmits out of his house, and he is selling a shortwave radio which he instructs you to place in a cookie tin you got for christmas so that way, when the terrorists launch their EMP at North America, you will have a radio to listen to! That being said, he is offering space to anyone who would like to have their own radio station. I think he's got 5 on there now, and the one jukebox station isn't half bad.

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