Problem using Groups on 722k

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  1. Back in December, DISH sent me a replacement 722k to replace my old one that had problems unrelated to this thread.

    After setup and several transfers from a HD to the replacement, I tried to use the Groups to organize.

    Every one of the fifty groups was populated with what appeared to be data strings. These contents could not be deleted, so groups could not be used.

    I contacted DISH about the issue, but since the unit was working ok otherwise, I told them I preferred to wait to exchange it until I once again could clear the unit's storage.

    Now, four months later, I requested another replacement. Certain that the previous issue was a fluke, I didn't check until after re-setting up over 60 timers in the new replacement.

    The new replacement has the same problem, except that the December unit displayed ASCII characters while the new one has all of the Groups filled with machine language characters.

    Like before, the entries cannot be deleted. It has to be something in their refurbishment process that causes this.

    Has anyone else seen this?

    Is there anyway to get past DISH tech support to reach someone who might actually understand what's happening?

    Thanks PHOTO_20170427_001846.jpg PHOTO_20170427_001913.jpg
  3. Neither my refurbished 722 not k nor my refurbished 612's exhibited this problem.
  4. I've had many 722k's, but only these last two have had the issue.

  5. "All of your Groups Are Belong to Us"

    That's a lot of alien-looking binary crackers you got there, Mike. It almost looks to be severe disk corruption, like the Index got overwritten with encoded video. Can you elect one to open up or try deleting it?
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  6. I loved that video. :)
  7. Keep in mind that these should be group names only and not video files. At the point of finding this problem on both DVRs, I had recreated timers and transported previously saved movies via a DVR formatted hard drive. No new videos has been recorded.

    First receiver: I still have the unit but it would be time consuming to re-install to obtain stored characters. But I do recall seeing PROM in one and 722k in another.

    Second receiver: After creating the timers, the only activity was to experiment by restoring a couple of 007 movies, which I had hoped to group together.

    You can select one or all 50 of the funky group names and select 'Delete'. It will say it is deleting, but there is never any change.