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Dec 16, 2005
Hi all,

We have 3 Dish DVRs all in the 5XX series. Out of the 3 my wife's consistently works oddly. In essence every now and then a program that was recorded the day before disappears the next day. Events that were set up either don't kick off or they disappear. We've been on the phone w Dish who either have us delete the timers and re-enter them or we get the machine swapped out.
Other facts. My wife uses MANUAL recording (don't ask - she's a Luddite when it comes to this stuff), no one else surrounding us has Dish and she is the ONLY one who uses it.

My best guess is for some reason a bad operating system gets loaded onto it and it screws things up from time to time. I told her we should get a newer gen receiver like a 525 or 625. What say you all??

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