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Jun 21, 2011
Madison, Wisconsin
Hello, I have a problem with Dish Online.
When I go there trying to record movies to my DVR all the movies that it shows are from STARZ and I traded the promotion for HBO and Cinemax last week, yet the page didn't show that I have HBO now and keeps saying that I have Starz... how can I change that?


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Same subject different problem. I continue to receive error message (error 40)(44) connection disconnected. I chatted with DISH about this and was told to do the usual ---unplug 10 seconds then reconnect that old routine, no improvement. checked for broadband connection.....everything fine. Anyone else with this problem?


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Jul 31, 2011
I keep gettng that my dvr appears to be offline. It will only work if i go in and run a diagnostics connection check on my dvr which comes back good everytime. Then my dish online and my on demand content will work After a while it will do the same thing and then i have to repeat the procedure. Dish has no clue what the problem is. I have reset the dvr and router. They said to call att. Funny it worked fine with my uverse internet until the bbmp update. Everything else on my network works fine.


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Feb 7, 2011
The first thing I recommend when ever having a problem with DishOnline is to start off with one browser window ... closing all others.. manually log out of DO with the Logout link at the top of the page... wait for it to do so.. then log back in (also do *not* recommend the "remember me" checkmark)

Then go to your My Recordings page ... and do a refresh with the button on the right side under the DVR icon. Wait up to 3 minutes for that whirling spinner to stop ... if it doesn't stop after 3 minutes.. use the *browsers'* refresh button while you hold down your SHIFT key. This tells the browser to dump whats in cache and go get the page fresh. Hit refresh again... and wait for the spinner to stop. If after 3 mins it still hasn't stopped, and it hasn't shown you your DVR content, then Log out again, close all browsers.. open a new instance... log in manually and try again.

Once you have a refresh done, that shows you current information from your DVR .. then check the GUIDE and see if the channels are correct (also check that your locals are the correct ones... seems to point to issues more often). If the channels aren't hit the "Refresh Listings" link at the bottom right of the page and wait to see if it reloads.

Something else to take note of ... if you're looking at the Guide or My Recordings pages.. it should show you as having a Sling Adapter .. not a SlingBox .... if it won't update from SlingBox to SlingAdapter then your account isn't linking correctly.

If after the attempted refreshes you're still not getting things the way they should be ... you should try PM'ing one of the on-duty Dish IRT memebers, give them your UserID, and Receiver number ... request they wipe out your DishOnline account so that you can try to login anew.

Corruption of your user account causes some of these problems.

There *is* another problem going on with DishOnline lately.. and no matter the number of refreshes, you don't get "connected" the above may or may not help, mostly though no one's reported success if they have the "off line" problem.

DougE with the Error 40 & 44 .... any changes in your network? you were able to stream before? are you trying from both Dish Online and Dish Remote Access (web not the apps)?

Also do you have any download managers installed that are not original parts of IE or FF?

Check your version of Sling Adapter and see if it comes back with 0's (Menu - Diag - Next - Pagedown till you find it)

And are you able to stream any online content via DVR button -> 3 ?

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