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Jan 29, 2012
United States
This past week I had my system upgraded to a Hopper 3 with 2 Joey 4K's (from a VIP 622 and two VIP 722's). I actually have the USB OTA tuner, which works like a champ with the H3.

The problem is with the 4K Joeys; in both instances, when viewing live OTA on either Joey, there is a slight amount of occasional pixelization and sound skipping occurring. The problem is unique to the Joeys, in that I can check reception at the H3 and none of the above is occurring.

The previous system's wiring is in use; I did not have this problem before. The prior setup had a VPP44 switch, and a power inserter between the switch and the VIP 622. It appears that the new setup has a different, smaller switch and no power inserter that I can see.

Thus far, DISH tech chat has had me reset the H3 and Joeys (2 different attempts). The first attempt, the problem appeared resolved, only to reemerge the next day. The second time, no improvement.

Any ideas about what I should pursue to eliminate this problem? Thanks in advance.

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