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Mar 24, 2004
I'm having a problem with my HD-Tivo, and I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me. I realize there is a DVR forum, but my problem is not related to the DVR functionality of the unit.

I have my HD-Tivo connected to my Samsung DLP, and up until today had been using the HDMI-DVI cable to connect my television to the unit. I bought the TV in June '04 and the Tivo in September. Both have functioned very well, though the Tivo has always been significantly slower than my Series 2 stand-alone.

This morning, when I turned on my TV, I noticed that there was something very wrong with my setup. When I tried to watch the HD-Tivo, the picture was very messed up. There was a green tint to the entire picture, the picture was very fuzzy, all the colors were off, and it appeared there was missing resolution. There was also color bleeding. I'm not talking a slight problem that would require an Avia session, the picture was FUBAR. I could see people and read text, but that was about all that was going right. The problem is evident with recorded programs, Live TV, and menus.

So I tried to use HDMI-HDMI, but the only thing that improved was the disappearance of the green tint, and it was replace by an even worse color problem. It was essentially a brown and white picture, though I could still read text and see people. The resolution, sharpness, and colors were all very bad.

So I switched to the component cables, and voila, the picture is fine. Not as good as the digital input used to look, but almost as good.

All my other inputs on the TV are fine. PC, XBOX, DVD player. Series 2 Tivo. But these are all analog inputs.

So my questions:

1. Does the Tivo support HD resolutions through component (I haven't really spent much time with it, and it looks fine, but I want to make sure)?

2. Is it the TV or the Tivo? It seems to me there's either a problem with the Tivo's digital output or my TV's digital inputs. Does the fact that I'm getting a good picture from component out rule out my Tivo? I know my TV has separate analog and digital boards, and I'm curious if the Tivo does as well.

I don't have any other digital device to test with, and I'd rather not go buy a upconverting DVD player just to return it.

Thanks for any help you can provide, or any direction you can point me in.
Hmmm. I don't know much about the digital inputs on the TV, but my guess since you used both DVI and HDMI, is that its the HDMI out on the HR10-250 that's bad. The component working fine doesn't exclude the Tivo as the problem, because I'm sure they are independent.

Know anybody with another HDMI output device you could try on the TV? Good luck
did you try switching the HD-Tivo through all the output formats to see if any others work? (780p, 1080i, etc etc)?
Others have reported problems with the HDMI output on the HDTivo. Call D* and they see what they can do for you. I've read where some other people have gotten new units cause the HDMI was bad on their units
HR10-250 problem

I had the same problem with the HDMI connection. Purchased a DVD player with HDMI and a new HDMI cord....connected it to the TV, to make sure that the problem wasn't my TV set....The picture looked great. Reconnected the HR10-250(HDMI connection)....picture looked washed out, like what you see in a negative.
I called Directv.....they informed me that they knew about the problem with the HDMI, and that they were sending a software download to fix the problem. Since my $1000 box was still under warranty, I asked if they could send me a replacement....D* sent the replacement.
The replacement has been working great for the past 4 months and I did notice where D* had upgraded the software on the replacement HR10.
Give Directv a beats buying extra equipment to test the HDMI connection, like I did.
Thanks for the tips, guys. I went and bought an external tuner (to return 30 minutes later) to see if it was my TV or the Tivo. Sad to say, it is still unknown. The washed out problem was gone, but the green tint was still evident over DVI. So I guess I'll be calling both Samsung and D*.
I talked to D* today. After a comically sad conversaqtion with a Level 1 CSR, I was sent to a Level 2 CSR. She said that someone has complained of the exact same thing, and that there is supposedly a software upgrade coming that will fix it. She said it started July 3, so it could take a few weeks for everyone to get it. I'm very skeptical, but what can I do? The warranty is expired.

z71tahoe193, you have PM.
Squicken--no doubt about it, you have the failed HDMI output problem. Exactly the same thing happened on my first Tivo too. Mine was still under warranty, so it was replaced at no cost and the new one is fine. It was weird--the Tivo was working fine, and then one day--garbage, just like you described. A green tint, washed out picture, etc, but the component worked fine.

Ok, what to do? You could forget HDMI and use component. A lot of people prefer component, but that depends on you. If you bought through VE, see if they can help you get a replacement. If you are inclined to fiddle with the STB, Don Landis has written an entry that describes how to fix the problem. Something about a copper connector that was weak. He fixed his own problem since he had gone off warranty. A little soldering, and he was back in business.

For what it's worth, if it was my Tivo and I was off warranty, I'd simply use component. Knowing that MPEG4 is on the way, and the older HD Tivo's will need to be replaced, I wouldn't spend any money to restore the HDMI output at this time. I would not have enough self-confidence to attempt a home repair. The only reason I pushed for a replacement was because mine was still under warranty. The replacement that they sent was a refurbished Tivo, and was probably one that had been returned due to the HDMI problem and then fixed, like Landis described.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
I called Value Electronics, and the lady I talked to said she'd work on getting a replacement. I am so glad I bought from them. When I initially purchased my stuff, there were some minor issues with matter beyond their control. They've always gone above an beyond in helping me resolve problems with D*.

Thanks for the info, Stoneman. I'm also not brave enough to try to fix it myself, and I can live with component if I have to. Hopefully VE can help.
I had the same problem. I've had my HR10-250 for only 6 weeks and my HDMI port failed yesterday. Started off with the weird picture previously described (grayed out with color bleed and inverted colors) and then it finally died completed about an hour later. I isolated it to the HDMI port by checking my TV inputs and my HDMI cables.

I switched to component connections and it looks fine (though not as good as HDMI). For $999 I want the HDMI to work properly!

Called DirecTV and they have no issues sending me a replacement. While they did not indicate this is a well known problem, they sure acted like they knew about it (didn't ask any questions). I should be getting a replacement later this week.

Glad they're replacing it, Kevin. Mine was out of warranty, and as Stoneman suggested, I called VE to see if they could help. Today, out of the blue, a replacement came from D* via FedEX. Works perfect. Thank you very much VE and D* for the great customer service. And thanks again Stoneyman. I never would've thought to call VE about it, since it was nearly a year since purchase.

I don't know if it's my TV or the HD-Tivo, but HDMI looks much better than component. Glad to have it back working properly.
Although my HDMI output works, I use a long run of component to connect, so I do not get daily feedback. The Hughes TiVo has a very significant history of HDMI output problems, and D* has been helpful for most subscribers in fixing the problem, usually by replacing the unit. Hope your set is not the problem and that your new box fixes the problem.

I did a test, and could not tell the difference between HDMI and component on my Pioneer CRT. Could you tell the difference when you switched to component?

Since I do not use my TV for sound, a longer run of component cables (over 30') was cheaper and more utilitarian for me, and worked just as well.

Good luck.
I could tell a big difference, but my set is DLP. I couldn't tell a difference between DVI and component on my CRT, either. I know digital inputs look better on digital displays, but I also think my set's analog to dogital converting may not be that great.
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