Problem with joeys losing program video


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Jul 9, 2006
Seems to be an issue that happens after upgrades on the hopper. Dish has been out at least 5 times. So what happens is the local ota channels go away and the joeys have guide info but no actual program video. You can change channels etc but no program video. The tv hooked to the hopper still works and ota channels come back once I rescan and save. Dish had been out to fix this at least 5 times in the last year and a half the most recent about a week ago and it did it again this morning. Very frustrating and of course it is at my parents house and they are old and can barely see and can barely work the tv as it is. I have dish and my in laws and we never have problems.

anyone have any ideas? The first or second time dish swapped from wireless joeys to wired, maybe swapped the hopper at some point. I dont live there so i am not around. Last time supposedly the tech did a hard reset. I tried unplugging the receiver and letting it sit for a while but that didnt do anything. Im about to swap them back to directv. Its ridiculous.
sound like problem i had when tech came out and messed up wiring on my 2 h3 system,

H3 A was on same switch with Joey B and H3 B was on same switch with Joey B and cause from software stand point H3 A was connected Joey A and H3 B was connected to Joey B this cause video drop out on joeys, and no info issue on recall and guide issues.

When I wired the correctly it went away, but less you have 2 h3 setup this should not be issue cause it should all be on one switch

Could be OTA bug too
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