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Mar 28, 2006
I am having a problem with my XM receiver. It is an audiovox. I noticed this friday when I put the receiver in my boombox at home. There was no sound. Just some noise like feedback noise. After pressing down on the receiver sound came in but the feedback noise persisted in the background. I thought, maybe, it was the boombox at first but I tried it in the car cradle and there was no sound unless I pressed down on the receiver with no feedback noise like in the boombox. It will stay on in the car pretty good after pressing down on it until it gets jiggled loose after hitting a bump in the road or something similar. Any ideas on what it may be? I thought maybe the contact for the audio has worn out from pulling it out of the cradle and boombox so much. I just got this in March and wouldn't think it would wear out so quick. :(


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Jun 8, 2004
Sounds like the connectors on the bottom of the radio are having issues. Since you got it in March I would think its still under warranty. Give audiovox a call and see if you can get it replaced.


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Sep 9, 2003
Try cleaning the connectors. I have seen a light swabbing with alcohol help. Evena blast of compressed ait might get rid of some dust you cannot see.

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