signal interuption in Ann Arbor MI


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Jul 8, 2004
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Ok, any time that I drive through the city of Ann Arbor Michigan I always loose my sat signal and the repeater signal also. Both show on the meter level bar that the signals are bouncing up and down from %0 to %100. I would agrea that tall buildings in the way of the birds path would be a problem and I would agrea that an npr station based in town is also another potential issue thats interfering with the repeater but the issue is present even when out in the open with no nearby buildings. I have also driven through downtown Detroit, Atlanta and 4 days a week Im in downtown Athens and dont experiance this issue, any idea's as to what could disrupt the signal from the sat aside from physical obstructions?
Oh I have more to add to this now.

So last week I went back to Michigan to see family and while I was driving around Ann Arbor I again found the same exact issue ( no big surprise there ) and again checked the sat signal level and the repeater level and again the same issue of them bouncing up and down.

Well the next day I went out to Detroit to the downtown area amidst all of the 25+ storied buildings with just a tiny bit of sky to be seen yet not a bit of signal loss and when I went into a parking structure ( $8.25 to park for 50 mins and its all automated ) I never had a bit of interuption. Now heres where it gets interesting, I took the tunnel over to Windsor and ofcourse lost all signals, once on the Canadian side I got it back but it had a moments difficulty and then was in fine. I drove all around Windsor seeing places that I havent been to in 6 years and not a problem until I was crossing back over the bridge back into the states and I kept loosing the signal. The Ambasador bridge is a steel cable suspension bridge thats been around for a very long time as is evidenced by the rusted through steel railing ( yep made me feel safe, specialy with the little woman freaking out over the swaying ) but here I am loosing both sat and repeater signals in the open.

So this has left me thinking that maybe in this instance on the bridge that there is something inplace that could be blocking specific signal types but that wouldnt make sense that it would only block a specific radio band and a satellite band yet not other bands including cellular, so a jammer is out of the question I think but would make sense if there was any jammers located on this bridge considering that it is the majour entry point into the states from Canada.
You know it is weird. However, I have also found that I sometimes have this same kind of issue with my cell phone. I have yet to figure out exactly what causes it but hopefully someone around here will have an answer for you soon.
I doubt it, people are more interested in polls about wich is better, go to any store that sells both and that will put an end to the polls. At one time Starband had an issue with its two way satellite internet system causing interferance when one was located near military installations so Im wondering if this may atleast be similiar with the issue in Ann Arbor. The university is heavy into tech and science and north campus has labs for laser tech, bio, comp, auto, aerospace, and it has a small nuclear reactor as well but the issue is found south of there in the down town area.
My business is in Ann Arbor and I have yet never lost my Sirius signal going to work, also I drive around all of Ann Arbor ( don't have a delivery person right now, so doing all myself ) and still never a problem.
What unit do you have bruce and how is your antenna set up? Have you had to replace your antenna as some others have?

I've had the antenna in 3 places, head unit in 5, and the whole system in 2 diferent vehicles and had the problem each time in Ann Arbor yet never had the issue even in downtown Detroit.

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