Problems when fast-forwarding on 4K Joey


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Jul 2, 2015
Springfield, IL
Hi everyone! My family and I have been experiencing this problem for about a year now, ever since we upgraded to the Hopper 3 + 4K Joey + 2 wireless Joeys. I thought it would eventually be fixed by a software update, so we have just been living with it, but since a year has gone by, that's looking less and less likely now. I'd like to figure out how to resolve this, if possible.

On the 4K Joey, when playing a DVR recording and fast-forwarding through commercials, the Joey will often skip ahead 20-30 MINUTES when pressing play again. Then, when rewinding to get back to where we should be, it will often skip BACKWARDS 20-30 minutes when pressing play.

This makes it nearly impossible to use the fast-forward or rewind feature, forcing us to use the skip ahead or skip back buttons instead.

We've tried different remotes, and this problem continues. It happens on SD and HD recordings. from multiple channels. We've been unable to narrow down the problem at all, other than it only seems to happen on the 4K Joey. The Hopper 3 works fine.

Any ideas?


Aug 23, 2012
I have the same issue. I was told it was a software issue, but it doesn't look like it's going to be fixed anytime soon.

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