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Nov 26, 2005
I live in an area where satellite is the only practical option and I watch very little, but not zero, TV. I'm hoping that someone who understands the satellite landscape, both programming and equipment could direct me to the most cost effective option(s).

My current equipment:
36" CRT SD TV, connected via S-Video
9" LCD SD TV, connected via composite
Dish 501 DVR
24" LCD PC Monitor w/DVI(HDCP) ~25' from the DVR, not a clue what HDCP is?

My current Programming:
Top 100
Denver locals
will add Fox Sports regional today (baseball)

What I watch:
Local and national news
Science and education, nice but not a must.

What I'd like:
Denver locals
Fox Sports regional

Since I can't ala carte and get just what I watch and I'll be a subscriber for years to come, are their any equipment/programming options that I'm not aware of for my viewing taste? It's conceivable to relocate the DVR to the PC and back feed to the CRT TV. I do not want to buy an HD TV. But if a HD DVR will output SD, then that is an option. Can a PC monitor do PC and TV as picture in picture?

Any suggestions and/or questions?


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