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Jan 9, 2006
Are DISH receiver's progressive scan of good quality? I was hoping my new 622 that replaced my 942 would fix my progressive scan problems I was having. It didn't. Randomly in 720p mode using component the picture will go black for a couple of seconds and come back on, as if I was changing 1080/720 modes in the HDTV tab. It only does this when the receiver is set to 720 and only when networks are broadcasting in 720, both Satellite and OTA. When I change to
1080i or switch to HDMI it goes away. (Component looks more life-like and prefer this input) It also experiences horizontal line glitching when data is shown on the screen, like the scrolling ticker on ABC/ESPN or FOX sports telecasts since they are the only networks that broadcast 720p. The glitching only happens within the data lines. The rest of the picture is fine. It's hooked up to a plasma. The OTA tuner built in the TV is fine and doesn't have this problem with ABC or FOX. It's hard to decipher whether it's my TV or just mediocre progressive scanning happening in DISH Network boxes. Very confusing. :confused:

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