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Oct 23, 2003
Central IL
Confirming that setting a timer for a PTAT recording does show it on your part of the HDD as well as leaves it in the PTAT screen. Any padding for a timer ser for a program within the PTAT block gets duplicated!

So that’s going to make me re-think my “padding” strategy of timers that I set within that PTAT block. Seems like other than the extra space that the recording would take up on your side of the HDD partition, there isn’t much downside.

I set a timer for The Amazing Race, and set a 60 minute buffer. So on my portion of the HDD, I have 120 minute program with a tile showing “The Amazing Race”. Then on the PTAT portion, the Amazing Race tile is ALSO 120 minutes long. I would assume it’s the same data, simply with two pointers. Since it’s on my partition, when the 8 days expire for the PTAT recording , that pointer will simply disappear and I’ll stay on my side of the HDD..

The next scheduled program after The Amazing Race is “The Good Wife”, and its tile is also on the PTAT screen, as it should be. Now here’s the interesting part… the Hopper took the 120 minutes of programming (60 minutes of “The Amazing Race” and 60 minutes of “The Good Wife”) and split it two ways: The whole 120 minutes for my Timer of The Amazing Race, and the last 60 minutes for the PTAT recording of The Good Wife.

So it seems like if you are setting timers for shows that are in the PTAT block, padding them will ensure that you get all the episode, with zero chance of conflicts.

The other thing I noticed that's nice is, if you were watching a show while it was recording it, and you navigate away from that program, when you come back to it after it finishes recording, it remembers where you left off. On the 922, it'd make you start at the beginning, even though you'd watched part of the episode, if it was recording when you originally watched.
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Character Zero

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Oct 14, 2008
Yeah PTAT is really pretty sweet. On the 722 it was like that where it only remembered where you left off if you started watching after the show had completed recording. I kind of wish there was some sort of PTAT-lite where I would have PTAT disabled but the Hopper would see multiple recordings on the Majors and use just that one tuner. The only annoyance is when the programming I am interested in ends before the PTAT block ends and that tuner is tied up.
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