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Mar 28, 2007
Roseville, California
will that means it will be encrypted. or will remain also as FTA in Gal 19 97W??? Thanks

Glorystar channels on G19 are unencrypted.

Based on the content that I just saw on a movie currently airing on Punch TV, it is unlikely that the channel would be added to the Glorystar channel line-up with the current content.

Some programmers idea of family friendly programming is quite different than most.... :eek: WOW, how much nudity, violence, and F-bombs Sh$%^, JC's can be used in a single sentence? Definately not the content ratings that had been promoted to our marketing team!
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Dec 16, 2008
SouthWest Ohio
Well they are showing that here in Cincinnati that they are on WKRP our low power OTA in town. I don't see that being the case either so far....they show it as channel 5 when the low power is actually channel 25. Channel 5 is our NBC station and 5.2 is MeTv.....someone there can't type I guess lol....Blind


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Jan 5, 2011
Hudson Valley NY
Anyone know if this station is in trouble or not? The schedule has stopped being updated as of December 19th. Also the affiliates listed on the site don't seem to be carrying the channel and Titantv doesn't have a listing either.

I don't watch it that often but did catch this indie film Chasing the Green on there yesterday. The ad inserts were really random and you would miss part of the film or they replayed the last 30 seconds again after the commercial. I don't see how a local OTA station could carry this network and insert their own ads.
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