PVR 721 very warm!!!


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Sep 7, 2003
Greetings, Dish Experts!
Has anyone ever noticed if their 721 gets very warm (almost "hot")??
I needed to re-configure a sat cable going into the back, and when I grabbed
the box to move it out a bit, the left back quarter is quite warm, top and bottom. It is only about three months old and, ironically, has always worked
perfectly. Is this normal or should I see about a replacement?
We've used Models 3000, JVC DVHS, 301, 501, and 811... none of them have ever felt warmer than "slightly warm".
Thanks Much!!

(Special gratitude to Scott for the Team Summit video. Excellent!)
I noticed the same thing on my new 721. Its considerably hotter than my 508 or 811.
The left side (looking from the back) is where the hard drive is located, right above the fan which is mounted on the bottom.

If I had designed that unit, it would definitely have had more airflow, and probably a second fan would be mounted on top, blowing upward, and both would be on all the time. Looks like there was a tradeoff between heat and noise and they decided to make it quieter.
I'm not sure about the heat, I haven't cuddled up to it recently... but I have noticed that the harddrive is considerably louder.

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