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Sep 8, 2003
do the 2 tuner receivers such as the 721, 522, and 322 count as 2 receivers on your account? Can I only have 3 of those type of receivers or can I still get 6 and be able to output to 12 different TV's?
Although the 721 is two tuners, it can only output to one tv at a time. The 522/322 can output to two different TVs (one tuner for each). As for your real question, I believe they only count as one receiver, but I'm not positive.
As long as you keep the phone line connected you will only be charged for 1 receiver. As long as you do this you can have up to six 2 Tuner receivers as they count as 1 receiver when phone line is connected.

FYI, if you do not have a phone line connected the 322 and 522 remind you every time you power on that you will be charged for an extra receiver.

Called Dish tech because my 322 location is is in my detached Garage/studio and I don't have my "main home" phone line out there, only a data/fax line which is a different number than the one on my account (address is same). Tech asked Manager and was told as long as it is connected to any phone line you will not be charged for an extra receiver. After connecting and performing "Dial Out" , it said "Smart Card updated" and the warning screens disappeared and have not shown up since.
unless you are running a boarding house or have 10 kids, why would you need 12 seperate tv outputs?

Oh well, that's your business.

I assume you know you can connect any number of tvs to one receiver providing all want the "same" program. I can see maybe wanting 3 or 4 different channels at once, but 12 seems excessive (to me).

So unless you need 12 "different" channels at once you could cut way down on your $5 per receiver charge by using uhf remotes on a couple of receivers to run a lot of tvs in your house.
I have no intentions of running 12 different outputs. I was just giving an example. I might eventually want to have maybe 4 - 2-tuner receivers in my house, 1 for living room / my bedroom, 1 for den / daughter's room, 1 for my 2 other daughter's rooms and one to put in my workshop building out back (Half is my PC workshop, the other half is my wifes sewing room) I was just curious if each tuner counted as a receiver.
Talk about an antenna farm.

How would you hook all of that up without having your roof or yard look like a VLA & you were trying to make 'First Contact'.
Mark_AR said:
Talk about an antenna farm.

How would you hook all of that up without having your roof or yard look like a VLA & you were trying to make 'First Contact'.
A single Dish500 with a Dual DishPro LNB can feed a chain of three DP34's, serving 12 receivers or 6 dual tuner receivers.

A single Dish500 with a Quad DishPro LNB can feed two chains of three DP34's serving 24 receiver tuners.

(Plus one can add 61.5º, 148º, or a SuperDish to the mix.)

One doesn't need an antenna farm, one needs a switch farm. :)


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