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Aug 29, 2017
Hey, for the past few years, I've been having a hobby for archiving commercial breaks from channels such as Cartoon Network. Ever since then, and years before I started archiving breaks, I'd always see Directv insert local ads or ads for another channel, Directv itself, lawsuit companies, etc. I used to be fine with the ad insertion by DirecTV, but now they do it 24/7 and it's irritating since there's commercials that Cartoon Network is airing nationally that I'd like to capture, but I can't because of the irritating ad insertion from Directv at the end of every half-hour. I remember until last year when Directv wouldn't insert any local ads until 9AM PST, since I was able to still get some of the rare national aired ads CN was airing during the time DTV would normally insert their own ads.

What I'm wondering is that is there a possible way to get rid of this with a setting on my DVR? The whole local ad insertion thing these cable/satellite companies do is confusing to understand. :p If there is a way to get rid of these inserted ads from Directv, please let me know. It's annoying when I want to capture a break at the end of the half-hour and the sound cuts off for a few seconds before getting cut-in with local ads.
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