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Dec 1, 2006
Hi, just a question about equipment fee. We signed up for Dish in May 2001 through a third party dealer. He told us that there would be a rental fee for two receivers for 18 months and then after 18 mths, we would own the equipment free and clear. So, for the first 18 months, we had this additional *rental fee* each month. Then the fee dropped off, so I assumed we owned it at that point.

We recently D/C'd our service and about 2 weeks later, I received a empty box in the mail with no letter, no explanantion from Dish, obviously wanting the two receivers back. I just sort of put it on the back burner with Thanksgiving travel and so forth. I had planned to call them and see why I received this mysterious empty box with no explanantion. Today I received a bill in the mail for $298.00 for non-return of equipment. $149.00 per receiver. I am a bit shocked and confused as I thought somehow we owned the equipment since we paid all that extra money for the first 18 mths. I have dug and dug through my files and I cannot find a copy of that contract anywhere. I am sure it is in storage with our 2001 bills.

Anyone know about this? Your input would be greatly appreciated. I would be glad to return their nasty 5 yr old equipment if they really want, but I was under the impression it was MY nasty, five yr old equipment. My model numbers are: DP301

I have been both an owner and a leasee over time. When I first started out with E* 8 years ago I purchased 2 receivers. I have both purchased and leased since then, currently both at the same time. I'm not aware that E* ever had any kind of "lease to own" program, tho' I may be wrong on that. (In my experience the purchased receivers always came from a third party, either an installer/retailer or an on-line retailer or other source like eBay.) So since you went through a third-party dealer maybe you had some different kind of arrangement, but without that contract it will be difficult to prove anything. Can you still contact that original dealer?

I think you're going to find that E* still owns those two 301s. The good news is that they're really not worth much in the real market, so if you do return them you won't be out anything significant. You should be happy that you weren't paying any kind of monthly fee for the last several years. Usually you will pay either a "leased receiver fee" of $5 per month or an "activation fee" or "enabling fee" on equipment you own, so in many cases there's little incentive in owning equipment. (The first receiver's fee is usually covered in the monthly programming charges in most packages.)

Sorry I can't be more definitive. If you really have heartburn over it, try contacting That address usually gets quick results.

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Boxes are shipped to retrieve leased equipment which is still under ownership with DISH. I expect you have a DHA 18/DHA/DHP promotion for your account. All of those listings are lease, not ownership promotions. As you just received the billing that means its been about a month since you disconnected (well...three weeks.) You need to get that equipment back to them. Bad things start to happen in about four more weeks.

Do NOT use the CEO e-mail address for this issue, that team cannot change/waive this charge. The best you'll get is something similar to the above.

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