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Jul 31, 2009
Was going to put this in the FTA forum, but most using a commercial receiver are doing Cband. Anyway.....
How many would be interested in an AFFORDABLE DVB-ASI>USB product?

Cypress makes a chip series "Hotlink"(name for their DVB-ASI) which can be easily interfaced to the FX2LP.

I am going to build one based on Cypress's reference design and example firmware. Sichbo is game for the driver and application support. But he first is going to wrap up our STV based (yes both 0903 and 0288) analyzer. We are tired of blindscan talk, when these chipsets are capable of so much more. Patience ;)

Without going into details and confusing anyone here is the writeup.
HOTLink DVB - ASI application information. - Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress also has a newer Hotlink chip series, but I cannot find any reference designs. It is more expensive at mouser anyway.

The Cypress FX2LP and the Hotlink and EEPROM is around $75 together. So its not going to be that cheap.

And yes I realize I can get a HDD decoder for maybe cheaper.

I dont want to confuse anyone either. I am no engineer, but will try anything. You are looking at the current stage of the product.

Advice and help and even comments are surely welcome.
Please reply by conversation.

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