Question for Dishplayer 7100/72200 owners

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Sep 9, 2003
I have asked this before but it never really got answered. Have any of you that have been paying for PTV gotten a bill since the first of the year? If so does it have the charge or not?
I originally paid the $99 offer good for three years and have never paid a dime since. Never had to call & complain about the fee as it has never showed up on any bill. I have the AEP, w/Locals, Multi-Sports Pak & HD Pak. 2 DP 7200's, 6000 (Just replaced w/921), & 508.

Best regards, Adam Okula.
I understand that. This question is aimed at those who did not particiapte in that deal. I ahve asked it before and the thread alays moves to discussions of that paln, or advice to buy a DirecTivo.
Well, I had been paying the month to month fee until I called several months ago and complained enough to get them to take it off. They have not reinstated the fee as of the last bill.
I have had my 7200 for almost 4 years and have never been charged a fee for the Personal TV service. I just got my statement the other night and there is still no charge for the PTV.
Thanks. I fall into the category of Lee L. I underatrand that arachide and DVDDAD represent folks that have never paid. But what about those who have been paying all along.? Are you still paying?
Yes just recieved my bill and it is still there, not happy but what can you do, I feel it is not fair and I am one of the original owners of my 7100. I bought it under the impressin it would be free and got cuaght in the misinformation thing or the lies from dish, dont know which. Feel like we all pay or none of us.
I would agre Craig. I would complain to and see what happens. It can't hurt. And thanks for answering. I was beginning to think that I was never going to hear from anyone that the question applieed to.
The best of luck to you. IT has worked for others. I find it interesting that, affter all the howling a few months back about howe unfair the fees were no one seems to care now.
I did not suggest calling. I suggested writing to CSRs cannot make the change. It si up to you whether you want to try. I was just curious as to what DISH was doing and thought that those who are paying would appreciate the informatin.
Dishplayer 7100 fees

I waited this long until I recieved my Feb bill. I did as geronimo asked and recieved a reply from Dish I do not have anymore pvr fees on my statement!!!!! The gentleman that handeled this evan went so far as to remove the fees for 2004 all together :) I am once again in the Dish court of approval :shocked
I've had to pay the $99 fee twice now! At least it's still less than the 510 and the hard drive is exchangeable!!!!!!!!!!!

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