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Dec 11, 2003
Hi, been a lurker in this forum for a few weeks, and finally was able to join tonight (kept getting errors before.) Anyway, I'm looking to become a first time Dish customer in January and I have a couple of questions about AEP since I couldn't find the answers by searching the forum.

From what I gather, AEP is an automatic payment to Dish of the monthly amount on a credit card. How do you sign up for this and does it give you a discount on your bill? I've seen no mention of this option on Dish's website and I want to be sure of what I'm getting when I order. Thanks!
AEP = America's Everything Pack. This is America's top 50 + all the HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax channels.

You are thinking of CCAP...Credit Card Auto Pay. No there is no discount for signing up for this unless you count the cost of the stamp. :)

There are a few benefits to of them is that you get free shipping whenever you order any hardware from Dish.

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Acronyms strike again! Thanks for the answer, I feel so stupid for not catching that one before!

Should have been called almost most of what you want...just not the best stuff

AEP as a package represents a savings over ordering AT150 plus the 4 movie paks separately. CCAP, a payment option which is convenient for me, can be used with Visa or MC logoed debit cards. There is also an annual advance payment option which can save even more, but if you opt for annual payment and cancel your service prior to the end of an annual period, no refund is made.

You are not allowed to purchase AEP annually. If you purchase Top150 annualy and all four premium movie packages annualy you may save a small amount seeing that you get charged for 11 months for that vs. getting charged for 12 months for AEP.

Thanks for catching my error. Yes I meant to type AT150, not AT50.


AEP 74.99 x 12 months = $899.88

AT150 annual subscription = $473
MegaMovie Pack there is no annual subscription price on the Dish web site, but going by the old formula, it would be $407.

Total $880. For $20 annual saving you are locked in for a yer. However, if indeed there is no longer an annual price on the mega movie pack, then AEP would be cheaper. $36.99x12 = $443.88.
+ $473 for AT150
= $916.88

See ya

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