R15/R16 CE Release 0X1264 3-20 & 3-21 (1 Viewer)

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Systems in this CE:
R15-100 - R15-300 - R16-300

Window of opportunity to download:

Friday, March 20, 2009 11:00PM - 2:30AM ET R15-300/R16-300 only
Saturday, March 21 2009 11:00PM - 2:30AM ET R15-100/R16-300 only

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! DirecTV Cutting Edge Program: Terms, FAQ, How-To, Hidden Features, and More

If you have any issues with this CE release, please post them in this thread. We'll try to help, and DirecTV will see / be aware of your issue :)

For the latest updates, check out the CE Chat on Friday nights:

The Contents of this CE Download: (Differences based on last National Release)
  • Items from CE:14:01

New Features
  • 01 - DASH in full screen displays last 6 digits of Receiver ID
  • 01 - New Guided Setup screens
  • 01 - New music channel background and DMX channel logo

  • 01 - Live TV: R15 displaying black screen when jumping between tick marks
  • 01 - stuck video on FFWD x4
  • 01 - Frozen video and incorrect play position when toggling between play and FFW x1 and x2
  • 01 - Playback stopping when rewinding to beginning of file
  • 01 - History displayed in reverse (Oldest is shown first)
  • 01 - Fixed Jump to Date/Time intermittently selecting the wrong time
  • 01 - Interactive application fixes
  • 01 - Stability
  • 01 - UI Polishing

  • This is the beginning of a new CE cycle
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