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Jun 8, 2008
Sorry if my first post seems to be kind of a rant, that said...

I got home today to turn on my tv, and most all of my HD's were gone. I called, and the guy got them back on, but I can't get the HD's on the normal channels (120 being history HD). The HD's are only in the 9400's now. I asked the guy, but with the customer service outsourcing, I couldn't understand a thing the guy was saying. I heard something about loosing HD channels, what's up with that? I know VOOM was part of that, but I really don't care as I didn't watch them to begin with. Are we getting anything back for it? Why did they take away the ability to watch channels on their original number (history HD being on 120)? This destroyed 80% of my DVR recordings.

Again, sorry for being an a$$ right out of the gate, but DISH just pissed me off...again. Thanks for any answers you have.
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Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Mar 28, 2004
TampaBay Florida
I lost some of my channels the other day after a power outage and doing a front panel reset (holding power button for 10 sec) worked for me. Not sure what the CSR had you do but if he didn't have you do a reset give it a try.
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