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Nov 23, 2012
Hello, I am new to Satelites! We had our Satelitte installed for Glorystar Professionally! However, we recently had effects of Hurricane Sandy, and it blew our satelite enough to loose all of our channels. I went onto Glorystar to check out the coordinates, and I tried to set everything according to them, but have not gotten any results. I noticed though that LNBF's are cracked around them. Would this do anything about the reception? Please help! Thanks!


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Cracks will probably not hurt anything. Is your mount still vertical? Can you tell which way the winds shifted the dish? I almost always take a receiver and TV out to the dish and very slowly turn the dish on the post to find the signal again. Of course, our winds are not once every ten years. I get to re-aim 2 or 3 times a year on 4 to 6 dishes. I also have measured the angle or slope of the bottom of each LNBF arm so I can always use that to check the plumb of the post. Only one of mine has ever lost elevation - always has just been rotated (except when I lost the dish, and pole on the C-band - 3 times now!).

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