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Apr 26, 2004
i can get the 811 at 149. through dishnet. from what i've read on this board, there are some 'issues' with the 811. i really need some advice on this. am i looking at aggravation w the 811. i really dont want to have to be a 'hobbyist' of sorts. i just want to turn it on and watch tv. the guy fr dish who called me in answer to an e mail couldnt have been more helpful. but i would really like to hear fr you guys who have first hand experience. anything you can tell me would be very greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
I'm happy with mine. But I could be happier.
For $149, I can tolerate the current issues, which are (there could be other issues for others):

1. Dark SD picture. (Dish promised some SW fix, still waiting)
2. Can't control aspect ratio in SD. HD OTA channels are "boxed" when viewed in SD
3. Instability, Needs a hard reset every 1 to 2 days to solve one of the following issues:
a. Freezes occasionally
b. Loses Audio
c. Loses Video
d. Scrambled program guide.​
I have had my 811 for a couple of weeks and am very pleased with it. I am connected to my TV via the DVI cable and the picture looks great. The coax outputs to the VCR are darker than the TV, but nothing I can't compensate for with the day/night settings on my TV.

The biggest bother for me is having to reset every day or two in order to have the guide refresh - it only takes a couple of minutes to do but in our age we hate having to get off the couch! :D

I would buy again (I paid $199) in a minute.

ocd, you didn't indicate if you were a current Dish HD subscriber. If you have a 6000, you'll find the 811 a great step up, even with the current warts. If you have an SD Dish receiver, chances are it's pretty solid, and you may find the 811 is a little too "needy" for your tastes. You might want to wait until after current 811 owners give the "all clear"...

The rumor de jour is that the P266 update will fix the video issues, solve the guide problems, eliminate the occasional video freeze, and install Dish Interactive Home. Sirius Radio support, too.

thanks for your reply. i have the basic 301, no hd. to tell you the truth, its been perfect. i'm really pleased w dishnet. i've been subscribing for four years. i really want to upgrade to hd. but, i dont want to have to be messing w the 811 all the time. i looked into voom and had to cancel the install when, being 70mi fr the tower, i realized that i wouldnt get ota channels. i know that i wont get them w the 811 either but i'll still get the networks in sd through the dish. i'm a stereo and hi fi nut. i obsess about the stereo enough and i just want to turn the tv on and watch. dont get me wrong, i have no problem w rebooting and downloading fixes and upgrades. i just dont want to have to do it each time i watch the television. thanks again for your help. i have a ton of ques.

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