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Mar 13, 2010
hey any one got any recomendations for a good blu ray player/burner for pc 200 dollars or less preferably


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Oct 13, 2003
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ramy- used to be low cost BluRay Players and good are oxymoron. Is this still true?

What I learned about Blu Ray technology is you need a robust processor or the player runs in slo motion for control. Eject takes 15 seconds to respond, load up and play can take 2-5 minutes to play from startup. For a few years the PS3 was the only BluRay palyer that had decent speed. Then came Oppo BD-83 which performs the same as the PS3.
There is one more warning I would say about BR Players in general. Be absolutely sure your brand has excellent upgrade support on the internet and connect the player to the internet. This is very important because most BR disks are java based software and the upgrades are often and changing all the time so the latest version of code must be updated constantly.
I had a Samsung player before and while it would update off the internet, Samsung was slow in releasing new code. A new disk would come out and would not load or hesitate while playing or hang the player. 3-4 weeks later after several phone calls they would have the new download ready. Sony PS 3 was always up to date and getting updates each week, same as my OPPO. In fact PS3 and OPPO are considered to be tied for first place in performance and customer support. The model I have is more expensive for higher end audio ( BD-83SE) but OPPO now has a low cost version I thought was around $250. You should really strive for that or a PS3 for frustration free Blu Ray playing.


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Jan 27, 2004
I have both a Burner in my computer (LG) and a stand alone player (PS3) and neither of them take as long as my HDDVD player (Toshiba Ax1) to load a movie and start playing it.
I would say they take just the same time as a regular DVD to start playing.